Tom Anderson Neck

The Tom Anderson neck is the last “new” neck to be placed on the Frankenstrat. Eddie would keep it on until 1997, where he replaced it with the older Square-heel neck.


Steve Ripley was Tom’s connection to Eddie and to Kramer.  This all started while Tom Anderson was starting this company in 1984. Tom believe’s he made the neck sometime in 1985 but could be off 6 months, either way.
Eddie was playing the Kramer guitars and wanted to put a new neck on his Frankenstrat after playing the necks Tom Anderson made for the Ripley guitars.  The beak neck was very wide, and Tom decided to make an explorer style neck for it.  When they went to install it, they noticed the Floyd studs were in the same line as the original FRT-1 mounting screws.  Clearly, that would never intonate. 
Ed had commented about how in tune the Ripley guitars were.  The neck was the regular even taper neck and were made those for sale as replacement necks from ’86-90 or so.

Tom Anderson Neck today:  Unknown

It’s unknown where the Tom Anderson neck is today, but it can be assumed it’s somewhere at the 5150 studio.