Square Heel Boogie Bodies (Lynn Ellsworth)

The Square heel neck was sported on a variety of Eddie’s guitars and would eventually be the main neck on the Frankenstrat from 1997-Present.

The neck is first featured on a Mahogany-bodied “Hog” guitar in 1979.

1980:  Seen on Unchained (Rasta) guitar. Far left.  Fender renamed this guitar the “Circles” guitar, although it has never been called that in the past.  

Eddie placed it on the Frankenstat in 1981 and switches back and forth between it and the Kramer Pacer “outlaw” neck during the summer of 1982.

When Eddie didn’t have it on his Frankenstrat during the summer of 1982 “Diver Down” tour, he had it on the Rasta (Unchained) guitar.  Also note the earliest known FRT-5 prototype. 



REMEMBER:  The Unchained and Rasta guitar are the same.  Eddie repainted it.  

Square-heel Neck today: On Frankenstrat

The square heel neck was reattached to the Frankenstrat in 1997 and has been on ever since.  Above is a photo displayed from the MET in New York, 2019.