Knotty Headstock/10th Fret Bloodstain Boogie Bodies

Taken off from the VH-II black/yellow guitar (bumblebee) after Ed retires the guitar surrounding legal issues with Grover Jackson selling unlicensed copies of the Bee through Charvel. Approximately August 1980, give or take a few weeks. Working on a more precise date for this. This neck remains attached to Franky for over a full year until broken on September 4, 1981, in a stage incident

This is the second neck on the VH-II guitar.  Built by Lynn Ellsworth.

Eddie would put it on the Frankenstrat in 1980 and would eventually break it during a show in September 1980 doing a jump off stage.  

Photo taken by Larry Dimarzio in 1993.  Knotty neck is supposedly the broken headstock on the bottom row, third from left.